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On this page only, you can get a RESELLER license to VideoFlow.

Which means you will keep 100% of what a customer pays when you refer them to VideoFlow then 50% of whatever upgrades or other products they purchase.
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You can use all our professionally designed marketing pages to make all your sales.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in perfecting our software and making our marketing pages perfect and we’re letting you use the lot to make profits and keep it all for yourself.

Oh and the best part is... WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT.
Nothing to Upload, Host, Configure or Support...
We’ve Done All The Hardwork For You!
This is an amazing opportunity for you if you do not have a product to sell online or even if you do this is 100% profit for you and it's easy!

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Whats Included Inside VideoFlow Reseller
Sell Unlimited Copies of VideoFlow
& Keep 100% Of The Profits...
You get unlimited rights to sell VideoFlow keeping 100% of the profits and 50% of all of the upgrade sales.

This software practically sells itself. How many businesses & business owners want to create better videos?

You can profit selling this incredibly complete solution to them.
Use Our Professionally Created Sales & Promotional Videos
We've spent weeks creating our high quality videos for this product.

You can now use these videos within your marketing of the software.

Use our short promotional videos to run ads over Social Media. Use our sales videos to effectively convert visitors into customers at an extremely high rate.
We Host Everything For You
Hosting of everything is completely done for you. We host all of the marketing material, the promotional material and the software on our servers.

Every page loads super fast for our clients and every person who logs in and uses the software after purchasing from you will receive the same high level service you and our other customers receive.

There are $0 ongoing expenses for you.
Ready To Upgrade To Start Selling VideoFlow Today?
Limited To The First 250 People
Your Customers Receive This Incredible Cloud-Based App
We're constantly updating and improving VideoFlow. Every customer who gets access to this software through your reseller link receives VideoFlow & all future updates.

Every one of your customers can login to the software and create high quality sales videos, promotional videos or membership videos whenever they want.
We Take Care Of All Of The Support & Maintenance
Our highly trained support staff will always be at hand to help your customers.

You don't need to worry about support, every question or comment your customers send to us will be responded to fast and effectively.

You can simply focus on profiting selling VideoFlow while we take care of all of the rest.
Total normal cost $9,882...
Remember - you can make as much as $8,210 from just 10 customers per year and let's face it: you're going to sell a lot more than 10.

But: Right Now we're giving the next 50 customers the opportunity to grab a whole 1 years reseller license for just $197.

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If you only manage to sell 10 that's a potential income of $8,210

If you sold 100 well you'd be looking at a potential profit of $88,210

Note: The first day you can start reselling is February 28th @ midnight!
No Risk, 30 day 100% money
back guarantee
We know these features, resources & enhancements are going to make you stand out as the sought after video professional no matter your industry.

But if for whatever reason you don’t agree, we’ll send you back 100% of what you’re paying today, no questions asked.

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Everything you get with your purchase today

  • ​Marketing Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • We Host Everything
  • ​Emails To Send
  • Reseller Training
  • ​Reseller Rights License
  • ​Done For You Support
  • ​Keep 100% Profits On VideoFlow

Get Reseller Now for just $297

No Thanks, I don't wish to claim this incredible opportunity
to be able to profit from selling VideoFlow as my own
software keeping 100% of the profits.
What rights do I get with this package?

You get the right to resell this package. That means you can advertise this software and get paid commissions on any sales you refer.
What is included with this package?

You’ll receive a special referral link to promote the product.
You’ll also receive training that will show you how to make money with the package and your customers
who you refer will receive support from VideoFlow.
Who supports my customers?

VideoFlow support takes care of customers you refer. You can focus on marketing and we will focus on keeping your customers happy.
What price will I be able to sell this package at?

The price will be determined by VideoFlow. The price you can sell this at will be the public price that VideoFlow is sold
at after launch. This will likely be a low monthy cost meaning that you’ll receive monthly recurring income for every sale you make.
How much money can I make with Reseller?

You can make an unlimited amount of money with this package. You receive 100% commissions on VideoFlow and 50% commissions on all of the upgrades.

This means that you can sell VideoFlow and make up to $497 every sale you make.
How do I get paid on VideoFlow sales?

Payments are processed immediately to your Paypal or Payoneer account.

You can choose how you want to get paid for sales you refer.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with this program.
What guarantee do I get that ill make money with this program?

We can guarantee that you’ll be paid on sales you refer. We can’t make any guarantees that you will make money.
You can give yourself the best chance at making money by telling people about VideoFlow through emails, Facebook, ads, Instagram or posting your link around the internet referring people back to VideoFlow.
When will the training webinars be held?

They’ll be held on the 28th February and the 2nd of March at 4pm EST. Each training webinar will be recorded.

The training will be run by Sam Bakker who has generated over $4,000,000 in referred sales. He will show you step
by step how he does it and give you a blueprint for selling VideoFlow.
Do I get any additional support in selling this software?

Yes! We will provide you training and answer any questions you have about selling VideoFlow.
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